We were a little uneasy about buying a home again since it was a long time since our last one. Renee really put us at ease as to what was involved. She also explained that she would be taking care of all the backend/paperwork items, we just needed to find our new home (with her assistance). We felt that we could trust Renee and she made us feel very comfortable with the entire process. It never felt like a strictly business relationship, it was more like a good friend assisting us. Renee was great throughout the whole process. She answered everything we needed and was always quick to respond. Even when we had last minute viewing requests she always came through. We would definitely recommend Renee to anyone needing to find a home. She helped us find the perfect home for our family.

-Pat & Rose

Renee Christine Kam went above and beyond as our realtor. We were moving from VA to HI and Renee was recommended by our realtor in VA. Prior to our house hunting trip, while on a work trip to Kauai, I had some extra time in Honolulu on my return. At last minute notice, Renee dropped everything to show me at least 10 properties over a course of a day and a half. One of those properties was of exceptional interest, so Renee arranged to do a video tour of the property for my husband who was in VA.  We put a bid in on the property and it was accepted, which is when the drama began.

Unfortunately, the owner was more interested in profits and trying to convince us to sign off on the J-1 before construction was complete. One month later, while on our house hunting trip, the deal fell through, but only after Renee had worked tirelessly with the seller’s agent to try to resolve any issues which the seller was not willing to fix. Since we decided to back out of the deal with only two days left to find a home, Renee dropped everything again and sent us about a dozen other listings and showed us more than five other properties.

We eventually found the place we have now purchased, but only because Renee worked so hard to find a listing that was suitable for us. Renee worked to make sure we could close in 30 days as well, which apparently is a rarity in Hawaii. Renee never once complained about all of the issues or how she was having to work late nights and early mornings to communicate with us due to the 6-hour time difference. Renee is a wonderful realtor. She truly cares about her clients and we felt that we were made members of her Ohana.

-Alex & Casey

We were her first customers when she received her real estate license. We had chosen the condo we were
interested in at Waikiki. We were living in Florida at the time. Renee did such an outstanding job researching
the condo as we were looking to buy into a lease property. She emailed us constantly, plus phone calls, keeping
us abreast of the situation. So, we had no fears.

My husband and I have, through our 51 years of marriage, owned a few condos in HI (buying, selling, moving
away and returning and moving again) and have used numerous realtors. All were professional but there were
times we had to call to find out what the status was. However, with Renee, she was always in contact, so we
never had to wonder what was going on.

Renee was excellent in handling the process for us. She is professional, does her homework on the property and
always on time. If you select Renee as your realtor, you would be making a wise choice. She would work very
hard for you and always keeping you informed.

-Carol & Ray

Derek and Pam Napoleon 2

We had moved to Oahu and were renting a place for about 9 months when we decided we would start actively looking for a home to buy. From the time we moved to Oahu, we looked online to become more familiar with what we could afford, where we saw the best home styles, and the possible options we had available to us. But
we knew we still needed a lot of help to find our new home.

Finding Renee was a godsend! We had met her at church and after finding out what she did, we asked if she would take us on as clients. We had no real time frame on finalizing a purchase and no definite ideas on where we wanted to look. From the first meeting with her, we felt listened to, cared for and knew she was truly wanting to help us find the right place to call home.

Renee was amazing at sending us possible places to look at and checking in on us periodically. We would ask questions regarding properties we had seen online too, and she was always happy to help answer all our questions. Her beautiful disposition and caring demeanor always left us  with a smile and hope that we would find the right place. The comfortable and thorough way she handled all our questions put us at ease. It was not unusual for Renee to “make friends” with the neighbors of the homes we were looking at.

The property was a new construction CPR in Palolo and we were very excited to move into it.  She would ask them great questions regarding their experiences of living in the area which was very informative and helpful.

After many visits to possible places, we found the place which fit our budget and our needs. We found a place we wanted to buy. Renee coordinated every aspect of our purchase. She made sure we were getting connected with reputable people and companies, even making appointments for us. She created a timeline of events as they needed to be completed to get us in our home on time. She was fantastic at communicating needs and deadlines with us. And she also was quick to find answers to all our many questions. The whole time Renee took breaks to find out how we were doing with the whole process…often simply asking us if we were doing ok. That concern for our wellbeing was greatly appreciated.

Renee offered us “peace of mind.” She took care of so many of the small details that would have completely slipped by us, allowing us to keep our daily lives running smoothly!

The “cherry on the top” came on the day that we finally and completely moved into our new home. It was to be the first day we would be sleeping in our home. She left me a text that asked me to check outside my front door when I got home. I went outside to find a beautiful bouquet and box of sweets waiting for us with a beautiful
note attached. Wow!!! We had been working on the place for a month…so how did she know that today was the day we officially moved in? She is just that amazing!

Would we recommend Renee to our friends and family? The answer is YES! We would recommend her to anyone! Our experience was amazing. Renee helped us navigate a very challenging and sometimes difficult process of finding and buying a home. We are also very fortunate to call her our friend!

-Derek & Pam