First-Time Sellers

You’ve lived in your home. You’ve loved our home. But now you’re ready to sell. Whether you’re up-sizing or down-sizing, selling your home can be an emotional process. Hawaii Your Home is here for you. We know that your home is more that the building materials – it’s full of memories. We’ll help you make the transition by celebrating the past and giving you a vision for the future.

What do first-time sellers need to know?

  • Pricing your home is a delicate process. It may be tempting to price your home high in order to get the most return, but this can be a mistake. An inflated price makes your home sit on the market longer, making new buyers concerned there may be something in the home to avoid. We will help you price your home based on the sales of homes in your area and other market factors.
  • Put your home center stage. Home staging is the term used for setting up a home to make it appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. This often includes removing clutter, personal items, and arranging the furniture to show off your home’s best features. Staging can increase the selling price as well as decrease the selling time.
  • Professional photographs make a big difference. Getting potential buyers to come see your home starts with good photos. Professionals will capture your home in the most eye-catching light.
  • Create a pre-showing routine. Hawaii Your Home will help you show your home to buyers. Keeping a simple routine make showing your home much easier.